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Code for Conduct

pickle.zone, despite the fun name and non-serious atmosphere, must maintain a well kept and respectful community.

Any sort of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, body shaming, or harassment, and just general antagonistic behavior will not be accepted and will result in action taken against the user being abusive.

Reports against users can be filed with Mastodon's reporting functionality and will be seen by administrators and moderators.

All reports will be handled in a manner at the discretion of administrators and moderators, with @kylie having the final say on any and all decisions if needed.



Blocked instances

This list hopefully won't grow.

Instance Severity Reason
gab.com suspended cause fuck 'em, that's why
gab.ai suspended cause fuck 'em, that's why
abdl.link suspended, reject media gross
pl.smuglo.li suspended, reject media "loli" content; "instance about lolis, for lolis" quotes the homepage

Any further blocks will be announced on @pickle.