The instance has been blocked for "loli" content; the homepage reads "[an] instance for lolis, by lolis". (prompted by a user correcting @kylie on something Yoshi related)

Upgraded to v2.6.5 successfully, contact @kylie if you notice any issues.

Upgrading to v2.6.5. No downtime expected.

Upgraded to v2.6.4 without any issues. If you have any issues though, let @kylie know.

Planning to upgrade to Mastodon v2.6.2, .3, and then .4. No downtime is expected.

Upgrade to v2.6.1 complete. Let @kylie know if you notice any issues. has been added to the domain block list, as it seems to be an instance only for datamining. will be upgrading to v2.6.1 tonight. No downtime expected, as usual.

Upgrades completed without any apparent issues. Please report them to @kylie if you notice any. Have a good night 🥒 will be going through two minor version upgrades tonight. There is no downtime expected. v2.5.0 -> v2.5.2. Ideally this will not happen again as @kylie will be adding the upgrade feed to her newsreader...

A list of blocked instances has been added to the about page. There are currently only two instances:, and

If anyone's got custom emoji ideas please send them to @kylie and she will probably add them

Upgrades finished, we're now on 2.5.0. There's a chance that glitch-soc, a fork of Mastodon with more features ( will be installed at some point, but that will be announced whenever it happens. Have a good night!

Upgrading to Mastodon 2.5.0 tonight. Hopefully will not take long but who knows. There is no downtime expected.

We did it reddit. Invites to are now open for any current users. You can invite people by going to

oh, i added some new custom emoji please let me know how they make you feel

Hi! Welcome to

The instance owner is @kylie, and since the instance is still in a bit of a planning mode right now, you might want to follow her for more updates and discussion on plans for making it more interesting around here.

A Mastodon instance with no theme other than a fun name.