Instance blocked and Cause fuck 'em, that's why.

Apologies for the downtime again today. A support ticket was sent to Scaleway earlier this morning and they rebooted the physical server hosting's node due to an issue with it.

Apologies for the downtime last night. Scaleway (our server provider) had an outage in the area this server is located, Amsterdam, and it was resolved on their end.

We're on v2.7.1 now. Bet you didn't even notice.

Apologies for everyone for the unexpected and unannounced downtime. A scheduled job to clear Mastodon's media cache was failing to run due to one of the previous updates changing it. Mastodon also has terrible documentation and hid the new updated command to clear the cache with and it is a miracle of god that this software runs correctly in the first place.

Maybe will be on Pleroma some day...

The and instances (both appeared to be purely for datamining) have been removed from the instance blocklist as they have gone offline.

The instance has been blocked for "loli" content; the homepage reads "[an] instance for lolis, by lolis". (prompted by a user correcting @kylie on something Yoshi related)

Upgraded to v2.6.5 successfully, contact @kylie if you notice any issues.

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Upgrading to v2.6.5. No downtime expected.

Upgraded to v2.6.4 without any issues. If you have any issues though, let @kylie know.

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Planning to upgrade to Mastodon v2.6.2, .3, and then .4. No downtime is expected.

Upgrade to v2.6.1 complete. Let @kylie know if you notice any issues.

Show thread has been added to the domain block list, as it seems to be an instance only for datamining. will be upgrading to v2.6.1 tonight. No downtime expected, as usual.

Upgrades completed without any apparent issues. Please report them to @kylie if you notice any. Have a good night 🥒

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