submitted the draft of my crappy presentation so my fate is in god's hands now (god being my phd supervisor)

I live a better and easier life when I'm simply never reminded about the people who I don't even know but nonetheless carry negative baggage in my brain, and I can fully focus on only what I know and care about and am invested in *now*

finally absolving myself of guilt for saying "no, actually I do not want to see tweets from [old mlp fandom figure from 2013 who makes me vaguely uncomfortable due to callout posts I only half remember or just their general vibe]" and blocking them without remorse

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well, here it is. it's about perception, introspection, revolution, distance, love but most importantly of all, relationships. the songs in here are the best i've made, and i hope you all enjoy them.

somasis - spirit / songs for lovers
art by

one of the new lesbian ponies in mlp is australian and finally, I feel represented

like yeah, in principle it's good to see alternative viewpoints. but the alternative viewpoints I see on twitter are almost never actual good faith discussion and are almost always basically just people who would rather I were dead. I gain nothing by seeing this

I feel like twitter used to filter all the hateful replies on viral tweets about social issues, but that's stopped now and they've become literally all I see in the replies on "controversial" tweets. it's exhausting and depressing and I wish I was back in the echo chamber

I don't think the new policy applies to the visa waiver program (for stays less than 90 days) but that's most likely just a matter of time

my face is so swollen I look like the Male snapchat filter

went into the hospital today and they knocked me out and stole all four of my wisdom teeth

I got ACHES I got PAINS I got CHILLS, whatever you need just ask I'll hook you up

currently falling ill at a frankly alarming rate

got my , really hoping for a change of government after today πŸ™

wearing a lonks leafed shirt today because it's cold brr

I have so many stickers for putting on my laptop, but every time I get them out and look at them I'm like "no...I can't, I'm not strong enough..."

but like where the fuck else am I gonna put all these stickers?? 😭

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here's "january", the last single from my upcoming album, "spirit / songs for lovers", coming may 28th.

even if you've heard me already, give this a listen. it's so different from anything i've ever made, and i'm so excited to finally show it πŸ’Ÿ πŸ’˜ πŸ’– πŸ’ž

please check out this song from kylie's upcoming album!!

I want to do unpaid image classification

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