if they added Steve Minecraft to Smash do you think people would be mad and say he's yet another sword twink

best tool out there seems to be G.Projector, which is free-to-use closed-source software from NASA that runs on fucking Java, and even then you have to feed it in a source map in a simple projection first and it resamples that to draw a new map. what the fuck. what the fuck

in the course of trying to tweet about obscure map projections I've discovered it's extremely difficult to actually produce your own images. none of the free websites are as controllable as I want, and the free libraries (Python was my hope) don't even necessarily support these

and in fact, I even more so enjoy the Guyou projection (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guyou_he), a derivative of the Peirce quincuncial, which I will insist on presenting like this

I adjust my phone in my back pocket like it's a big iron on my hip

it's okay for the new madoka anime to suck. it's okay for the new madoka anime to suck. it's okay for the new madoka anime to suck. it's okay for th

the music is reeling me right back to 2007 and it feels wonderful

that said, I didn't realise they were going to remake this game in all it's overwhelming, symbol-laden, colour-label-heavy, tutorial-is-a-bunch-of-manual-pages-deep-in-some-menus glory

I had blue rescue team for the DS back in the day and I genuinely got assigned my favourite pokemon, Mudkip, in the personality test. hope to again!

extremely sad to say goodbye to my girlfriend for another six months today, but gently buoyed by the pokemon mystery dungeon announcement

love this film but channel 9 has done it dirty with this incredibly nasty break bumper image

I was held at gunpoint to make this tweet

Ohhh, I'm a Italian Violet!! I love a the Kylie!! I don't pay a the taxes!! Ohhh!!

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