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me exactly a year ago, dysphoric: i hate when people look at me i wish no one would do it ever
me now, wearing weird ass goth girl clothes: unironically it's fuckin cool how everyone turns their heads like 180 degrees to stare at me for as long as they can

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we have to update logical fallacies for the modern era; i propose the all new "appeal to cringe, bro"

finally learning to identify my symptoms of jetlag when in the US: being astonishingly tired at 4pm because my body thinks it's 6am and that I've just stayed up all night so I should *definitely* go to sleep right here and right now

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realising that I need to start taking into account how likely I am to be held up by TSA for being trans

LA international airport easily the worst airport I've ever been through, and not just because I missed a flight here today

and I'm on the way back to the US! 24 merciless hours of travel here we go

I've been super busy the last few days getting ready for my impending trip to the US, so I barely got to play in the final splatfest. it's disappointing I got splatoon 2 too late to really enjoy a lot of the events. hopefully the next game I can be in on the ground floor

meanwhile this tragedy in japan completely tanks my spirit

me, sitting in the water of the goron hot springs to regain hearts instead of just eating some of the food i'm carrying: it's free heal estate

love the shrines in botw where the monk was too lazy to make a puzzle and says the real challenge was getting there. like dude, I sculled a stamina potion and crawled up a pillar. it's not hard for anyone else, just you because you're so old you're about to blow away on the wind

I was halfway through my fuckin bachelor's degree before I even discovered that a convention was something I'd be interested in going to. and already it was so hard to have people to go with. doesn't get easier from here, huh

had a nice weekend at the anime con, but I really can't wait until next month when I can go to a con with more than just one friend. and maybe start to catch up on the experience of a youth spent wandering around cons with a whole group of friends that I totally missed out on

I get more shocked reactions from my parents for wearing cat ears than for coming out as a woman

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