I love it when the music goes bloop bloop

Hello my name is Violet and I am here to stand at your kitchen counter slicing thick chunks of cheese off the block and eating them while looking at my phone

being in a long distance relationship was easy for me before, when I'd never even cuddled with someone; I had no concept of what that was like to even be aware how empty I'd feel *without* it

whatever happened to living for myself? whatever happened to being happy on my own? why do I now find it so difficult to be content with my own life?

considering I am also only playing this game now I'm gonna try to avoid posting spoilers, at least without tagging them

breath of the wild's story is already moving me and I'm only just at the zora domain 😢

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Unsecured : LGBT
Secured : LGBTS (LGBT over HTTPS)

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tonight I am buying a lot of music because it is time for me to refresh my music library

wish I was a magical girl so I could look cool AND have a purpose

I feel like I don't really do anything with my life right now. I just sit around and wait for things to happen to me

sometimes i consider making a private vent twitter for some external acknowledgement of my emotions, but then i realise i don't ever want anyone that i know to see it so i might as well just stick to the encrypted journal

been having fun playing breath of the wild while watching the hbomb stream from the very beginning

as my birthday present to myself, I have a switch now! you can add me through twitter suggestions or with my friend code SW-1973-8560-1220 :3

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Feature request: Pogchamp emote it's just such a good face

Kylie has hiccups and just whispered, annoyed, "ugh, hotdogs... I mean, hiccups! why did I say that!"

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sshing into my server to chown /libs

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