all my selfies always look exactly the same. which is to say, Cute

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throw yourself wholly into your hobbies

I miss her more every day and I guess sometimes that completely overwhelms me

I'm uninstalling this, I need those 5 gigabytes back

I just discovered that not only do I *own* Civ V, I actually *played* it for six whole hours?? a lifetime ago?? wtf

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it's not TDOV any more but it's my biggest yearly excuse to wear my trans pride shirt so dammit I'm gonna

they fucked up the order immensely and I'm disappointed but not surprised

making a bold move and ordering a schnitty from a pizza place let's see how this goes

Trigonometry is sad
(Sine of the Angle in Degrees)

Using the phrase "by construction" in conversation and instantly outing myself as a physics major

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In related news I dearly love and dearly miss my girlfriend, and August can't come soon enough

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