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Subtle promo for the fact I'm about to start 25 hours of travel to finally see my girlfriend!!

Bloggers seize the means of shitposting

Increasingly sure I'm just describing socialism

Maybe it isn't even owned by a single individual or company, but collectively owned by every user. It's almost completely at odds with how the internet is set up (thinking domain registration, login security, etc), but maybe that framework is also part of the problem

Like, could you have a website which self-governs in a way similar to a country? Users elect representatives, representatives vote on amendments to the ToS... Significant changes require support from the userbase

Been spending today thinking about alternate ways to run a blogging website where power isn't in the hands of private entity

Can't tell if it's actually playing out like an anime or I'm just really used to mostly watching anime

Me finishing the Princess Prom episode of She-Ra: "This anime is so fucking go- Wait did I just... Huh"

Let's be honest, the height of comedy in 2009 was when your friend made a mistake and you created a "LOL JKS" Facebook page about it

[whispers loudly] My favourite thing is when they kiss

My second favourite thing on TV is when a girl looks at another girl and blushes

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"of course I'm trans, they don't make cis people this hot" is a phrase I want to say or hear sometime in my lifetime

Not to be sad, but...I really wish I had queer friends I could hang out with...

in an upsetting turn of events, this domain has denied my request 😭 gonna have to fall back on something else

the joke ones are all great... and I wish I could use them... but THIS IS IT

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