a year ago today I landed in North Carolina and saw my girlfriend in person for the first time. and in a week from today, she'll land here in Australia for her first visit. the last year has gone by so quick, but it also feels like a whole lifetime has occurred in between

it's genius. set the bar super low with a shitty looking sonic then come back later and clear it with a better design (that probably always existed anyway) and earn all this praise and "wow it's so good now!" talk that definitely wouldn't have happened otherwise

this tweet got a second attempt but it isn't good enough for a third

do you think this chef on TV noticed when he offhandedly said "I love thyme, I grew up with it"

tinged with the same "I wish I had more friends here" feeling, too. but! I still had a few, enough to hang with, and that is enough

I'm getting the same heart-soaring "this is an assembling of my people" feeling that I get as I approach an anime convention. I'm so excited

the other pin in my hat says LETS GO LESBIANS and that's what it's about

with custom statuses now available, Discord is perilously close to morphing into my MSN Messenger friends list circa 2009

I hate it when people smoke at bus stops and I fantasize of confronting them about it and quoting the relevant laws to make them stop. but I know that would never do anything

respecting my elders while they disrespect my lungs

little old lady at the bus stop chuffing back a fat dart as fast as she can breathe

finally cracked the problem that's been getting in the way of my research for the last three weeks

I'm so thankful for MLP, for being there the entirety of my young adult life. my first internet community, which gave me a window to learn so much about myself and meet so many others. I'll never lose sight of the origin for all those positive lasting effects on me, big and small

I freaked out about lyra and bon-bon simply proposing to each other in the background of today's episode, forgetting that earlier this season we literally met scootaloo's lesbian aunts

wrote this tweet an hour ago but tabbed away and forgot about it whoops

there's still the finale next week, but that's airing at different times and it'll be different. I'll still have a lot of strong emotions then as well, I expect...

I guess that was it. the last time I'll ever sit up until 1am australian time expressly to watch the new MLP episode livestream. I've been doing this for...my whole adult life. it's hard to believe I have to finally let go

happy birthday to the only god I will recognise, Kaname Madoka

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