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anyone got that pic of the guy looking up from his cup with big ol eyes and he's at a table

american roundabouts are literally better in every way than that european bullshit

did i like boards of canada because they apparently like to sample tv channel logo jingles or do i like tv channel logo jingles because of boards of canada

me: tries to make an album with a cohesive sound and environment without conflicting and irritating or otherwise offputting combinations

cookout is the best current example of socialism in one country working. the ones that don't have sit down areas, just drive throughs? those are "from each according to their ability to each according to their need"

straight women are not allowed to call friends who are girls girlfriends

"This poll was conducted via telephone pollin-" closes tab

yo they just announced im performing live at pee pee con

although that thought is probably mostly because all these people calling me ma'am usually smile at me afterwards since they're y'know payed to be nice to drive through people who want a chicken box so it's confusing

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