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bring jesse helms back to life so he can die again

i dress accordingly for someone who usually feels dysphoric looking at clothes

i am almost constantly dressed like I don't know what I'm doing

i grew up this decade, i went through shit this decade, i started making things this decade, i started loving this decade, i got better this decade

there's been so much good music in the 2010s and i'm almost sad thinking about this decade ending. so much has happened in every meaning of the phrase

listening to's album a small horse and it's still just amazing as every other time i've listened to it since 2015

using machine learning to finally figure out what shoegaze artists are saying

there's something special about learning some really unknown artist that you adore was born relatively close to where you were

looking at deli cheese in grocery stores gives me life

happy halloween I'm dressing up as dysphoria tonight

how do you do transfeminism if reading about your own oppression makes you want to sleep for a week

reading this and watching a talk we've been assigned just makes me feel dysphoric so i'm gonna go to sleep bye

we're studying transfeminism in my lgbtq studies class and i am in pain

sticker on my apron: "Ask me about the samples in my thoughts on loving you!"

maybe sgap will come back some day so i can tell them sweet trip is a really good band

new retrospective writings up on bandcamp. decided that I should talk about these albums, since prior I had only written about releases I disliked heavily. if you're interested at all in these works you might find hearing my thoughts on them interesting too.

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