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i literally have been in bed all day long i'm so bored of it all i have no money i can't even go and use the remnants of my labor to try and find something interesting to do

can't wait to write a thesis someday with a forward that says "you'll only agree with this if you're an asshole like me"

this was a really, really, really subtle dig at both interstates and also California existing

theory: interstate numbers correspond to the speed you are expected to go while on them. this explains interstates like I 77, I 485, etc. it also explains why there is no I 5, I 1, or anything like that

fuck horoscopes and Myers Briggs, Duke's or Hellmann's bitch

really sad for all nasa shirt wearing hoes out there being affected by the forever 21 bankruptcy . please be safe


thinking about how if I ever have another dog I'm gonna name it Socrates

my next album will be about Cracker Barrel's Sunday Homestyle Chicken™ Special

2018: thinking about girls
2019: thinking about chicken

what the fuck i just learned that dale earnhardt jr was literally racing in the same race as his dad when his dad died that's so fucked up

just reading the wikipedia page is making me realize there is too much going on in this city

i can't wait to have a panic attack in new york

i ought to get my hair dyed just so old people know they aren't allowed to talk to me

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