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i made this image literally before me and violet started dating and it's STILL funny

2019 is the year of all good music being made by gay love i don't think i can understate just how important this video is to understanding human socialization

north wilkesboro is so fucking strange . they have like 4,500 people but they think they try to design only part of the city to have a grid plan and then name the streets fuckin "D Street", "C Street", and that's the whole name there's no abbreviations going on here

ah fuck machinedrum's from hickory what can't the weird ass place that is west north carolina do

go spend time getting mad about something more reasonable like "
Marianne Williamson not being president or whatever we're getting mad about in 2014

idea if cistube philosophers really want to talk about trans stuff they should actually talk to more than The Popular White One

also wig @ people saying "can't believe you people ran contradoints off Twitter AFTER ALL SHE DID FOR THE TRANS COMMUNITY" bitch what are you talking about what did she do other than give leftists on YouTube someone to defer to on trans stuff without having to use their brain on

if the pronoun question is everyone used maliciously (to clock or otherwise single out and disrespect), that's cissexism and transphobia, not pronouns that did that.

ultimately it's just about knowing what systems you're in and that comfort. contrapoints should be aware enough at this point to know that she's privileged by biymsru and passing; transphobia, homophobia, etc hurts everyone. but the pronoun game isn't out to hurt people.

i know it might seem like I'm just delivering a take since this what we ask of people online now whenever something bad happens and a trans "celebrity" is the cause, but also it was something on my mind that I think is good for me to really articulate and put into words

referring to this idea as hyperwoke basically does in any hope that you are speaking from a place of good faith.

a room full of cis people doing the pronoun dance might be uncomfortable to you if you want to be passing and fit that cisnormative assumption, but... if you're saying the same thing as all the other cis women in the room, and they're respecting that, who did it really hurt?

things like pronouns being a common thing to ask do so much for non-binary people, and I have too much an interest in that coalition being important and too much an interest in my nb friends being worth it to get upset about it.

sometimes I feel a bit uncomfortable when suddenly cis people are asking me my pronouns, but ultimately it, to me, is one of those things that you have to just get over because wanting people to assume your gender correctly is something that hurts a lot of other people.

even if I can somewhat relate to what contrapoints is saying , I get too much of a sense that she has a resentment for anyone except for very passing stereotypically feminine binary trans women to really care to think it came from a place of good faith with her

i'm still so shocked when people tell me about how much they love my album. i've gone years making music and not getting any feedback at all but like finally making something that touches people and makes people want to tell you it made them feel something is like... meeting god

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