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learning that Fluttershy's voice actor can actually just talk like Fluttershy is bewildering to see in person

sorry for being awkward today I barely know what I'm doing in terms of how to socialize at cons haha

we have arrived in Baltimore. see everyone soon lol

her luggage literally isn't going to be here this morning. this slaps, I guess we'll be in Baltimore late tonight instead

Violet's luggage quite literally isn't here yet and won't be until around the time we wanted to be out of town so we might be in Baltimore a little late

I can't wait to be at bronycon tomorrow but I can't wait to be with Violet even more

i wonder when biden's gonna realize hearing joe biden talk up barack obama's presidency doesn't really sound progressive

I love it when a politician drops an "lgbt.....Q" in their statement and they think it adds like, a crit to it

dont worry im performing live at bronypalooza

this is a joke but if you thought i was serious i love you

cory booker: wawaagasdgasg Gabab babab!! whoaowgavgasdfjhj
cory booker bald head: ๐ŸŒž

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