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i'm still coming out to everyone a little more every day . the woman at the bojangles drive through today called me ma'am and i almost thought she was messing with me

kamala harris is an industry plant created by the people that invented the chainsmokers

i want some cool short hair. what's some cool short hair i literally can not find a single good picture of short hair

I get more shocked reactions from my parents for wearing cat ears than for coming out as a woman

playing sgap on the speakers at my work because I have the power

you know back in my day we called beats lush, we were in absolute awe at how warm chunes were . now they call makeup lush and bath balls lush and shit . women ruin EVETYTHING

lol hey rephlex records or whoever wants poogaze breakcore please sign me

one time i got in an argument with my stepdad and the absolute angriest i've ever seen him get was when my 18 year old ass said "if the republican party wants to be popular maybe they should try appealing to people that aren't old white rich assholes" LOL

i really love all this stuff about conservatives trying to feel oppressed and begging democrats to appeal to them

hi I'm bernie S
sanders and I'm running in a pre pee poo poo platform . we MUST go back to the brown standard

mashed potatoes are so fucked up they literally are just milk

had an amazing dream the world was ending and forest around me was flooding while also catching on fire but somehow i was indoors too and everything was sad but it was okay, this needed to happen, but then i woke up and it turns out i just needed to pee so bad that it hurt

YOU WANNA THE PLAY THE GAME? YOU WANNA PLAY THE GAYOU WANNA PLAY WITH THE BIG BOYS? PUT YOUR FINGER ON THE BUTTON CAUSE WHEN YOU GO DOWN 110TH STREET IT'S GONNA BE ON, LIKE SUCKIN DI- i've literally been laughing at this like 40 second section from a ytp since this video came out and it's still just as funny every single time

lol idk how I forgot to say something about this but a nice thing was written about one of my SONGS

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