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I think he has actually used the name of another trans woman in the class... but I'm not certain, and she also passes much better than me

hmm i wonder why he has only ever used my name in email before he saw what i looked like

hmm i wonder why my logic teacher refers to every other woman in my class as miss last name but never calls on me nor has he used my name ever, once

it's cool how the biggest claim to fame i have is currently being in a relationship of some sort with the person who used to run fuck every word

having no cis friends is simultaneously amazing and interesting

what type of gay is it where you come home and immediately start reciting the lyrics to rd/ra without realizing nor intending it

hit like if you're on that
T | T
T | F
F | T
F | F


simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight ๐Ÿค 

c418 may try to rename that "inappropriate transsexuality deluxe" track he made a long time ago because he realized long ago that it's maybe not a good name but here's the thing as a transsexuality i think it's the best name on earth and the song goes is now at protocol 27 and is able to connect to any rsync accepting this protocol! It no longer requires MD5. There's still lots of work to be done, but it seems stable enough. (Next up, symlinks, faster hash lookup, --delete, better unveil(2).)

ooh that assume form song by james blake samples something i sampled first


hey so they're gonna add the prince from katamari damacy to smash right

c'mon, it's not the 90's anymore - you don't need to stick to web-safe genders

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