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looool remember when i did computer things for fun

listening to other people's music until you forget you also made good music sometimes

me making music: is this music too quiet or did i just make something that sounds good

happy new year me and my girlfriend kissed at 12:00am :o)

and no one really listens to it (relative to ... every other music artist i seem to know)

i have like no clue why i'm doing when it comes to making music i'm just hoping it sounds good at this point

but also i need to ........... finish some of my own music

i should find more things to make music for

i always seem to enjoy writing for compilation albums

excited to see prince from katamari damacy in the smash dlc

there must be something in the air today..i got ma'am'd like three times today

i just played a single level of the katamari damacy rerelease and i now know what it's like to be alive in 2004

anyone got grand illusions fan theory's. mine is that tim was a physics teacher and thats why he has so many good physics demonstrations

they always feel like they are very tryhard in terms of humor

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