what the fuck victoria legrand was born on May 28th

fuck the zodiac tell me your-

hi this is Kylie hope your day is going well

not sure I have the mental capacity to stop thinking about FOO



retweet to gain ability to perform the cocktail effect

even worse? I still think I look cool with it on

unfortunately I have established my first outfit. unfortunately, it is the same green jacket, jeans, and Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit shirt that I posted last selfie

starting to think beach house genuinely just can't figure out how to put out a bad song

imagine being able to raise the pitch of your voice

interstellar is still the best movie of the decade

there's literally not a single thing on @github's twitter that you couldn't retweet while dissing them for working with fascists

here's a article about why i think philosophy should be therapuetic, and furthermore, why philosophy and gender studies need each other somas.is/2019/12/06/reflection

hmm i'm really excited for the new destroyer album actually

spirit / songs for lovers is on here!! as always @alaflora has stunned the world with their amazing art :) the music wouldn't be the same without it. tinymixtapes.com/features/favo

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