the reason immanuel kant never left konigsberg is because he was too much of a baby and a racist to learn how to just drive like hegel did

did they ever find out what happened to robot jones

so i'm gonna test this to see if i'm remembering incorrectly and it's just always been like this or they're using osm data. i made the change to change the NC 105 Bypass a tertiary road (shows a white road rather than a major highway, which is the tan color)... watch this space

so i can't tell if it's a false memory or not, but i changed a road in openstreetmap recently to a different type, and i *think* it's being shown with the same change in google maps now, which is... curious. they're not legally allowed to do that due to license differences...

well, here it is. it's about perception, introspection, revolution, distance, love but most importantly of all, relationships. the songs in here are the best i've made, and i hope you all enjoy them.

somasis - spirit / songs for lovers
art by

not to be egotistical but i can't get over the fact i made an album and Everyone Likes It

dumbshit fact of the day: i had to sing some of my lyrics on january at half speed and then speed them up and fix the pitch after speeding them up because im not a rapper and i tried putting too many words on lines multiple times because i thought it'd sound cool

i've had like four people tell me now that panic is their favorite track and i continue to be just shocked by this. i feel like it's the least great song on the album lol

god i hope some of y'all figure out some of my damn samples on this album so that i can read comments like "whoa" on whosampled lol

looking at the cover of automaton is so difficult because on one hand i KNOW this sucks because this white dude wearing a native american style headdress is shitty and appropriating but the complete dipshit side of my brain is just like "wowe..shiney"

can someone please make a new version of jamiroquai that is basically the same but with a little less racism

by the way thank you for the nice words about my music :)

i'm really happy people are finally recognizing the meaty potential of my music

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