if i ever get my account hacked the nudes used as ransom will be cute and also a little chubby

studio apartments look great. they really know how to tune in to that all important, "people we need to stay depressed" niche

as of today, i am legally kylie j. mcclain and cis people are dead

I don't think I'll ever be able to think of a site that was more ruined by a redesign than last.fm

i wrote "hearts revolving planets in an orbit" in reference to me and violet using revolving hearts emojis a lot (i even made ones that are purple and blue just for us to use) and basically ever since we became a thing and now sometimes we say that to each other

peak gay is when you base lyrics off loving your girlfriend and then you and your girlfriend reference those lyrics when being gay

how i only managed to spend 28 hours lyrics writing included on writing me and you is a complete mystery to me

2019 is truly the year of post-pony real I think

getting to the point in my life where I'm considering looking at evacuation maps so I can add things inside the college buildings to openstreetmap, but I'm too afraid of looking like I'm taking pictures so I have a path planned out for shooting up the place later

got catcalled for the first time in a while yesterday so I guess the key in was just that I needed to actually walk outside more

kylie food review 2019

trader joe's queso dip review: it tastes more like joe than it does queso

every so often I think "huh I really want to do a compilation album with others. i hope i stumble across someone doing one" and that never happens but it never seems to occur to me that i could just do that if I wanted to

I have improved so much in the past few years and become so much more stable and happy with my relationships

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