my best move ever made was one time it came upon my turn to play some music on the tv and i started playing drugs drugs drugs by tonetta and then got my playlist privileges revoked



I've almost lost this album three times during the creation of it now. people better listen to this fucking thing when it comes out

almost lost my work in progress album, and I completely lost my entire old music folder

the phrase "like white on rice" is so fucking funny

the fact that there's casually just a weather company called weather underground in reference to the militant anti-imperialist group

evolution over time is a big theme on this album i feel

i've had a sample of a press conference that occurred the day north carolina passed HB2 in a song, muted, for multiple years at this point, and i almost wonder if i want to put it in because of how liberal and empty it sounds to me now opposed to my outlooks the week it happened

anyone else ever feel like you're just not good at being social with cis women

LMAOOO this bush outside the house at the cemetery behind my house scared me for a split second cause I thought it was SOMEONE

when twitter has burned to the ground in about 10 years and i finally get my doctorate believe me i'm going to be sharing pics of that shit

my brain when i think the phrase "dr. kylie mcclain, professor of philosophy"

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