feminist theories student referencing Joker โœ”๏ธ

pog is a freeing language by providing us a new epistemological manner to describe excitement in less clinical, more playful and image evoking language

pog is a patriarchal linguistic construct that prevents us from even discovering the other emotions through new and less patriarchal possibilities

[sharing eye contact with the other trans person in the bathroom] i wanna be here as much you do buddy

they are adding me to smash next and i will be another sword twink fighter

reading the same readings by the scartes for the second time in my philosophy degree

if i actually started posting pictures of myself when i took em i'd be the biggest e-girl

every time i see someone happy on my timeline and it has to do with them this is the thought i have

[watching car chase videos] see look how fast and flowing traffic could actually be if we didn't have all these rules

people at my work shittalking koalas and saying they should go extinct is irritating

a six inch ham sub is now 5.25$. with a meal deal you would get a six inch sub with any choice of meat, a small bag of chips, and a fountain drink. the meal deal used to be 5.25$. so I'm expected to think their subs got as good as that and a bag of chips and drink. it sure hasn't

appalachian state food services is very invested in making sure that a six inch ham sub sandwich can squeeze as much money out of your student loan payments as possible

me: having a good day. chillin
brain: every other trans woman you know is prettier than you

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