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well, here it is. it's about perception, introspection, revolution, distance, love but most importantly of all, relationships. the songs in here are the best i've made, and i hope you all enjoy them.

somasis - spirit / songs for lovers
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finally learned how to properly utilize a vocoder

even if they're not making anything i hope we talk again. sgap was such an interesting person to talk to

i like to think sgap is secretly somewhere around here making very good content and someday we'll meet again

she really be knowing you too well to bring out dead though 😟😳😳

if i released a remix thing of Sweet Trip - Dedication who would give a shit lol

*sees random account with lots of followers* hahah I wonder if this guy is from here hahahah no way *account location says "Boone, NC"* wait what the fuck

i wish i could type "lol" with really heavy font weight on twitter dot com

thank you fluttershy for probably making an innumerable amount of people realize they weren't boys


the report of the week guy looks more femme than i do

she did not speak to me any further in the class

did really good in class today. this person sitting near me started talking after it ended, "i feel like everyone in this class is gesturing to socialism and like..everyone knows that wont work right?!? ://" and all i said was "i am advocating for communism in everything i say"

wanting to get some doc martens but they don't make heeled boots for anything over women's size 11 :) not even size 12

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