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well, here it is. it's about perception, introspection, revolution, distance, love but most importantly of all, relationships. the songs in here are the best i've made, and i hope you all enjoy them.

somasis - spirit / songs for lovers
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when she whispers those two words in your ear

gunga ginga

i love being able to read what people wrote about spirit / songs for lovers and i love the reception it's got and i will continue to read literally anything says about my music forever

no one:
my grandpa: so, I had some toe fungus that my doctor kept telling me not to worry about it-

I maintain golfgalaxy is one of the great post artisté of our time

i have so many project files that are literally juts me fucking with drums aimlessly. i wanted to put a lot more breakbeat shit on spirit / songs for lovers originally

me: if someone calls me "guys" one more time i'm going to go sicko mode
me: she needs to get with a real man like me

i have got to stop saying "a real man like me" because every time i say it i'm referencing "why is muriel from courage the cowardly dog with that ugly beast he don’t even got teeth she need to get with a real man like me" but no one remembers that tumblr post from long ago

stop buying thin spaghetti what is wrong with you people . start buying angel hair pasta like a good american

the internet did a globalism 2️⃣.0️⃣ and now we're all stuck here being told everyone is together and we're all the same while there's still borders and global capitalism preventing any of us from becoming a together and also we're forever beholden to piledriving on other culture

thinking about how mariya takeuchi never expected plastic love to be heard by western audiences and maybe this whole thing about americans rediscovering japanese pop and calling it city pop is just globalism doing another thing ultimately and we can never escape the discourse

i have literally never felt as represented as a music producer as i have watching baby driver

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