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i finally did what i set out to do in 2013: become Fluttershy

- cute
- extremely transgender
- everyone's favorite
- uselessly nervous when out in public

my socialism means a unionized waffle house on every corner

uh yeah I'd like my hashbrowns smothered covered chunked and fucked

I think of the hershey wood the fastest hot dog shooter in the world every day of my life

loool beto o'meat was part of the cult of the dead cow back in the day

misgendering myself by sampling chicago - i'm a man

"hey this whole like cures like thing how much whole milk do i need to drink to get more boobs"

goes to a homeopathy conference to ask how much milk i need to drink to want hot sauce

this is definitely the best work i've ever done in this class and i'm also so tired

doing almost an entire critical reading assignment that was assigned before spring break in one night fun

reading Reflections on the Black Woman's Role in the Community of Slaves by Angela Davis and it's just... god damn

the internationale is just hammer and sickle mode

old watauga county men provide the starkest contrast to myself that i can even mentally conceptualize

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