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i finally did what i set out to do in 2013: become Fluttershy

- cute
- extremely transgender
- everyone's favorite
- uselessly nervous when out in public

listen I'm gonna say it I don't care if I lose followers public transit should be 24/7 even, an extremely limited bus route during the late night would be better than nothing

I feel like I'm making something important but since it won't be listened to by all the world it'll just have to be a quiet masterpiece

my goal in life is to create a comprehensive listing of all the ways people contort the words "drum and bass"

did we establish if boycotting actually works today yet

in the darkness of this world please give us your liiiighttt

i recently started playing with a windows xp vm just to see how much effort it takes to make it usable in 2019 and i genuinely had to turn off the critical stop sound cause it kept making me upset

Windows XP Critical Stop.wav feels like someone yelling at me

I cannot imagine paying more than one United States Dollar for a carton of eggs theme song of me losing my mind trying to write a complex makefile

absolutely no one at all:

me from my bed watching Unintentional ASMR [๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต] Classy Japanese Bartenders makes perfect Cocktails (Compilation) Nr. 1:

when sufjan said "shall we beat this or celebrate it" he meant his meat

literally cannot imagine having headphones that aren't m40x's

not to be white girl but the heart is a stone and this is a stone that we throw!!!

1998-2011: men (boys my age) only want one thing and its DISGUSTING and i am more mature and smart than all of them
2012-2017: kylie (but quiet and sad about it)
2017-: KYLIE

i would use that girl snapchat filter but my phone is rooted so snapchat hates me

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