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well, here it is. it's about perception, introspection, revolution, distance, love but most importantly of all, relationships. the songs in here are the best i've made, and i hope you all enjoy them.

somasis - spirit / songs for lovers
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i hesitate even to say polyamory is good, just because it should be clear that monoamory and polyamory aren't inherently good relationships, but i need to assert it's good because if I don't I'll get my mom asking why I don't think I'm in a good relationship

i know the problem is that my relationship runs counter to what people are educated as dedicated relationships even exist as since birth here, but like, even the people that are receptive or not entirely dismissive I still feel like I have to be really defensive. it's so tiring

I think have more anxiety about my relationship not being accepted by people when i tell them about it than I do being misgendered, at this point

polyamory is great. constantly feeling uneasy about bringing my girlfriend to family events because i worry people might question me or question what happened to violet, my wife, even though i am still in a relationship with her? awful and bad

listen you can live in a society all you want i'm living in ponyville with my friends fluttershy and pinkie pie

those two old guys on sesame street are just chapo trap house

the initial takeoff was really scary but I've managed to feel really calm while in the air

yo I'm posting this 37,000 feet in the air this is fucked up

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